Auto Carpet Cleaning

Steam clean your auto carpets and floor mats!- Discount Carpet Cleaning mobile cleaning service will come to your location to provide a deep carpet cleaning of your car carpets, trunk  and floor mats. Call now for a quote and schedule service!

Vehicle Carpet Cleaning

Vehicle Carpet Care

Vehicle carpets take a lot of abuse! Getting in and out with dirty and oily shoes, crumbs from food (lost french fries) and spilled coffee and colorful kids drinks. It's extremely difficult and costly to replace stained and damages vehicle floor carpet so the obvious and best solution is floor mats. But, good custom car floor mats made to fit your specific vehicle can also be expensive and will still need to be cleaned. Cheaper floor mats, while they may provide some protection but tend to move out of place, curl up and sometimes be more of a hassle than benefit. The best preventive measure you can take is to regularly vacuum your carpets and clean ans spills as soon as they happen. But what do y do when you vehicle carpets and mats need a deep cleaning?

steam clean vehicle carpet and mats

Vehicle Carpet Cleaning

Discount Carpet Cleaning mobile service can come to your location to give you car carpets a deep shampoo and steam clean. We can get in all those hard to reach areas, under the seat and in the trunk. We can also clean your car seats and upholstery to keep them looking new and smelling fresh! Call us to day for a free quote and to schedule service.